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Estate, Diamond and Antique Jewelry Auctions sold on behalf of Estates, Private Individuals, Banks & Governmental/Private Institutions


  EXPERIENCE: Robert Mark Bunda, FGAA, AAA, BFA.  



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608 Fifth Avenue (701) New York, NY 10020

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1973 BUNDA Fine Jewels & Antiques, Sydney, Australia.
  Family Partner in Antique & Fine Jewelry & Decorative Arts Business.
1987 William Doyle Galleries, New York City.
  Property Manager for the National Auction & Appraisal Firm.
1989 Christie’s, Park Avenue, New York City.
  Jewelry Specialist for the International Auction & Appraisal Firm.
1993 BUNDA Jewelry Appraisers & Auctioneers, Fifth Avenue, NYC
  Diamond & Jewelry Appraiser, Owner.